Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Here is another beautiful poem written by John Lyons on the day of his father-in-law's death.


There are names
And there are names,
Drenched in emotion
But free from tears
Names that sail
Freely along the coast
Of Ilhabela
Names that dwell
On the tip of the tongue
Names that are in essence
A kiss
Or a warm embrace
Names that love
The laughter of life
And scoff at death’s
Dismal victory,
names that purr after dark
just as Carol
is purring still
on the stairs
in São Carlos;
there are names
soaked to the core
in honour
in dignity
in respect,
names with a fierce
names that are
essential to the smooth
running of life
and that cause us to stand
to attention
as they pass us by
or as they pause
to spend a few years
with us, names
that charge the memory
with indelible moments,
names that bear
testimony to the stubbornness
of love, to the fact
pure and simple
that love outlives
pedestrian life that ultimately
cannot keep pace, cannot go the distance, life
that empty misnomer!
What’s in a name?
That uncommon denominator
That we carry from
The date of our birth
Up to and beyond
The moment of complete
Release, no longer
The wounded bird
Held in delicate hands,
But a name that soars
In the beating heart,
For ever and ever.

John Lyons

November 2nd 2008


Anonymous said...

Hi John! There's a long time we haven't talked!... That's a great poetry, unfortunately written in so sad times, for sure it's a very beautiful homage.
John, what do you think about Obama's victory in the elections? I guess things won't change that much... Will they?


John Hemingway said...

It is a great poem, I agree:-) As for Obama, well, I thought he would win, so I'm not surprised. The coming weeks and months will be very interesting. Obama will be forced, I think, to take very radical measures to save the US economy and the nation itself from this economic Black Hole.

Laurene said...

Hi, John. Our orkut community has already eight members. Orkut is a crazy program: the community desapeared and now it´s there, ok. Here´s the adress:

If you had entered there and hasn´t found it, sorry.

Abraços do Lúcio Jr.

Nikolas said...

Hi John and Lucio!

I didn't know about the community in Orkut. I'll join it! =)


Anonymous said...

Hi, John. Your text about Ronaldinho and Hemingway was published, translated, on:


Abraços do Lúcio Jr.

Anonymous said...


I've recently watched Superman IV and researched a little of your family history. You have some very interesting and talented family members. I was so sorry to hear of the losses you have had. God bless you.