Thursday, October 30, 2008


More poetry today from John Lyons:-)

On nature

The patience of three birds
Sitting on the garden wall
Surveying their prospects
For the day, their feathers
Ruffled by a gusting wind;
There is preening
and a conversation of sorts,
The contents of which
Do not bear speculation;
Flight is one of nature’s
Boldest gifts and a permanent
Lesson in humility to all
Who are bound to tread
The lowly turf. These birds
Who possess the most
Sophisticated navigation
Systems and an uncanny
Grasp of the mysteries
Attached to human mathematics
As they flock in groups
Of ten or twelve or four
Or three or seven, remnants
Of an age of angels.
There may exist a place
In which nothing is unknown,
In which everything is
Effortlessly explained
But surely wouldn’t we
Soon tire of such ease
Of ignorance? There is
More to the not knowing
That any mere answer
Can supply. Nature
In its wisdom produces
Flaws, imperfections
As though to round
out its genius, the eye
that does not focus
the hand afflicted by
the tremor of self-doubt,
the silence that no word
of genuine love ever filled.

30 October 2008


Laurene said...

Hi, John. I loved this one too. I´ll translate one of Lydon´s poems for the orkut community.

I was wandering...Does someone had made the link between the sun also rises and Merimeé´s carmen?

Abraços do Lúcio Jr.

John Hemingway said...

Well, John Lyons really is a great poet in my humble opinion. I've read a lot of his work and it's all very good.
As for Ernest and Merimeé, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Ernest had read the Novella, considering what a fan of Spain and Spanish culture he was, and what an omnivorous reader he was!

Nina said...

Hi, John,

Jonn Lyons just wrote a very beautiful poem to his friend (father-in-law?) who just died: