Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Encierro and Spanish TV interview

Here's a video of the first encierro, the 7th of July, and a short interview that I did afterwards with a journalist from Canal Cuatro.


Anonymous said...

Excellent your blog, John. I love it and the way how do you describe the San Fermin party.
Could you write something about San Fermin and your visit to Pamplona for DR?
Cheers, Eliakim Araujo

Unknown said...

hola John, This blogspt is fantastic and all the good times we had with friends and new friends will forever be in my heart and mind. Man, did we do it right or what.michael silva~

John Hemingway said...

Ciao Michael! glad you like it:-) 'Course, what would a party like San Fermin be without people like you??!

Laurene said...

Hola, John, there´s already a spanish version to Strange Tribe?

Abraços do Lúcio Jr

John Hemingway said...

Ciao Lùcio,

Not yet. Still working on that.