Sunday, September 14, 2008

David Foster Wallace, 1962-2008

David Foster Wallace

Everyone has their limits. This is what I say whenever I’m asked about the suicides of my grandfather, or of Margaux or Leicester or any of the others in my family. When the pain, be it existential or physical, gets to be too much you can’t really blame a person for what they do.

David Foster Wallace’s death is a tragedy. He took his own life and one of the greatest writers of my generation is gone.


Penetralia said...

Hi, John, where can I find a good review on Wallace´s works?
Abraços do Lúcio Jr.

John Hemingway said...

Well, there was one in the NY Times today, by one of their in-house critics,
You could try that one.


Anonymous said...

I was beginning to read some of his stuff/ when I read the obit in the Times, I couldn't believe it.
You're both the same age, I imagined you'd be affected.
He was under heavy heavy antidepressants.
His own choice.
Yes, tragedy.
Lobsters crawl and so do all crustaceans. Never heard of one hanging before. The N Y Times literary critic was right: his writings touched on the absurd. But , then again, having graduated from AZ, who wouldn't
Very sad.

VITTORIO said...

L'ho letto questa mattina sul Corriere della Sera. Grande scrittore Wallace, la notizia mi ha commosso profondamente.

Penetralia said...

I found it and posted on my blog. Thank you! Write more about him!
Abraços do Lúcio Jr.

John Hemingway said...

Sad death indeed. hard to write about this guy, hard for me at least.

Penetralia said...

Hi, John. Have you ever met David personally?

Abraços do Lúcio Jr e meus sentimentos.

John Hemingway said...

No, never personally.


Penetralia said...

Hi, John, take a look at a text with photos that I found in the web.
Bye, Lúcio Jr.

Penetralia said...

Hi, John, I found a text in a lesbic blog called "making stars" with three photos and posted on my blog for you to take a look.
I also saw that Livraria Cultura is selling strange tribe in Brazil, and I saw a lot of satisfied readers there.

John Hemingway said...

I had a look at it last night, but it was late and I was tired so I didn't write anything. That's interesting that Strange Tribe is being sold in Brazil:-) In fact, it's great!


Penetralia said...

John, take a look there. You can also put this link here.

Abraços do Lúcio Jr